Islesboro to take part in Community Heritage Project

ISLESBORO (June 8): The Maine Historical Society, in partnership with the Maine State Library, announced the first eight Maine communities have been selected to participate in the Maine Community Heritage Project, including Islesboro, Bath, Farmington, Hampden, Lubec, New Portland, Presque Isle, and Thomaston. for full article.

1931 Chevy goes to bid on e-Bay as fundraiser

PALERMO — The 1931 Chevy coupe — resembling a talking character in books you’d read to a toddler — anxiously awaits her big debut on e-Bay.
The five-window coupe Claude “Kay” Archer Jr. donated to the Palermo & Branch Mills Historical Society will be auctioned off this week.
Sporting an apple-green body and black fenders with a little rust in between, the antique car sits in an old wooden garage next to the Worthing House in Branch Mills Village. for article.

Office of famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal transplanted to Museum of Tolerance in West L.A.

Museum officials say the room is the same as Simon Wiesenthal left it at his death in 2005.

By the time U.S. troops liberated the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria on May 5, 1945, Simon Wiesenthal was so weak from hunger and hard labor that he collapsed at their feet.Days later, the survivor of Buchenwald and other notorious camps found the strength to embark on what would become a lifelong quest: to bring to justice the major and minor Nazi killers who had exterminated 6 million of his fellow Jews and millions of Gypsies, Poles and other “inferior” peoples.For nearly half a century, Wiesenthal conducted much of his sleuthing from behind a darkly stained wooden desk in a compact Vienna office.,0,544902.story?track=ntothtml for the full article.

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