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Maine History Notes and News

SKOWHEGAN, Maine ? John Beyer of Fredericton, New Brunswick, hooked his fingers through the straps of his denim overalls and carefully assessed a row of antique engines.

BANGOR, Maine ? Its name was supposed to be Sunbury but because of a misunderstanding, it became known as Bangor. How Bangor got its name was the subject of a play that was staged Friday at City …

KITTERY, Maine; Beginning June 16 and continuing until September, the Friends of the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse are offering a special Tuesday evening cruise from Kittery Point.

Mansfield Depot Caboose Pictures Many years ago, a hard-working caboose rattled through the pine forests and seaside villages of Maine.

Touring Maine’s History Live!

Join us at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, June 16 for another episode of Touring Maine’s History on Maine Talk Radio!

We’ll have the usual news and views, plus we we’ll be sharing radio commercials from the thirties to the fifties. We’ll also be continuing with what we call the collectors corner, where information about antiques and collectibles will be shared. This week’s highlight will be fishing and canoes. Plus, the history person of the week will be Maine Senator William P. Frye, and we will continue with the historic business of the week with Portland’s G.L. Bailey Co., of which was located at 263 Middle Street, and his specialty was sporting goods of all types. Touring Maine’s History will stop the tour bus at the world famous Cribstone Bridge in Harpswell, officially known as the Bailey Island Bridge. We’ll take a look at this singular monument to ingenuity, the only structure of its type in the world.

You can catch the show live at or as always, you can play the archived podcasts on our little player to the left of this post.

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