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The Civil War in the Maine News

Teaching the Civil War, 150 years later
Take an empty half-pint milk carton. Glue 12 Popsicle sticks onto the sides and hold them in place with a rubber band. Pretend it is a wooden warship.
(The Washington Post)
States try to wean parks off funding
By Stephanie Simon, The Wall Street Journal
Budget cuts may prompt dozens of state parks across the U.S. to close, cutting off access to popular campgrounds, rock-climbing routes and historic sites just as the summer arrives.
HNN Special: 150 Years Since Fort Sumter
‘Living history’ on Civil War battlefields Before the Civil War ended, re-enactments began. Soldiers, freshly home from combat, recreated battle scenes to educate townspeople and honor fallen comrades. For Gettysburg’s 50th anniversary in 1913, more than 50,000 Confederate and Union veterans returned to Pennsylvania to celebrate America’s reunification. The former foes, ages 61 to an alleged 112, re-enacted the gruesome clash to an awe-struck audience. After the Civil War’s centennial commemorations in the 1960s, modern portrayals trickled into mainstream pop culture. Now, as the 150th anniversary approaches, thousands of Americans dress up to go back in time. Re-enactment groups, located in nearly every state, never stop recruiting….
Maine Voices: History is a negotiation with the past The now-famous historical mural removed from the Maine Department of Labor tells one of the many stories that make up our shared history. Richard D’Abate is the executive director of the Maine Historical Society. I think it arises from the fact that
Clubs and groups
Foster’s Daily Democrat STRATHAM — The Stratham Historical Society will hold their 19th annual Spring Appraisal Day, Sunday, April 10, from 1 pm to 3 pm, and until all guests are served, in the Community Room of the Stratham Fire Station. In attendance will be Dan Olmstead
The fate of the Union The exhibits will stretch from the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath to the Bangor Historical Society. They will tell the story of draft riots in Kingfield and children in Lewiston mills making cloth for soldiers’ tents. The trail is being organized by Kim
From the Maine Historical Society…
Online Exhibit:
A month before the official start of the Civil War, a letter from John Bailey to Edward O’Brien of Thomaston reflects fears about the war based on economic disruptions. Bailey, who was in Georgia to oversee the shipment of lumber to the O’Briens, writes that their order likely would be delayed because of the approaching hostilities. This exhibit explores, in letters, the wide range of emotions Mainers expressed before the war started and as it progressed. Read more.
Thursday, April 14, 6-7:30pm
MHS & Osher Map Library present
Location: Sam L. Cohen Educational Center of the Osher Map Library at the University of Southern Maine is located at the intersection of Forest Avenue and Bedford Street in Portland.
Dr. Edward Thompson’s new book Printed Maps of the District and State of Maine, 1793-1860: An Illustrated and Comparative Study and accompanying exhibit explores the beauty and diversity of Maine maps printed during this period. Join us for an exhibit preview and reception (6-6:30pm), lecture (6:30-7:30pm), and book signing. This program is free but registration is required. To register, please call 774-1822.
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