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Welcome to Touring Maine’s History

Touring Maine’s History is a non-profit project intended to share and promote Maine’s history, the many historical societies and museums we have in Maine, preservation projects and all of the other history related projects going on from Kittery to Madawaska.

If you have some news to share, or an event you’d like to promote, or maybe even a story to tell, please drop me an email at editor@touringmaineshistory.com, and let me know what you’d like to share. Also, if you’d like to be included in an upcoming video and audio program highlighting our historical societies I’d be glad to talk.

Some questions have been asked as to how much I charge to be listed for events. I charge nothing for events, provided your event is related to the preservation of Maine history and heritage somehow.

History matters, as they say on the TV, so join me in sharing the things that matter most.

Please click on the links to these story snippets to go to the periodical that is hosting the respective articles.

And if you want to learn more about our projects, please be sure to visit www.remembermemedia.com.

If you are interested in supporting TMH as a sponsor, you can drop me a line there as well.

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!

D.L. Soucy


Salt &
Pines is now available at your local bookstores.


Those who are fortunate enough to have grown up in Maine
know that it has a way of life and sense of humor unlike anywhere else. Spend
time on a lobster boat with Roy Fairfield or Tim Sample, or on Echo Farm in
Auburn as Dave Sargent relates it. Phil Candelmo talks about life in Portland
during World War II, and Luthera Burton Dawson teaches us a bit of
“Mainespeak.” These are only a few of the stories told here and of the
thousands cherished by Mainers. If you have ever wondered what it was like to
live in Maine’s bygone days, follow along with our contributors and see what
tales they have to tell about this state’s unique spirit.

Salt & Pines is now available at your local bookstores.
It is now available through your local bookstore and on
Amazon.com. Alternatively, you can order it direct by clicking the buy now
button above, or following this link: https://historypress.net/indexsecure.php?prodid=9781609493684.
You can paste the link into your browsers search window if it does not work by
simply clicking it.

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