News from Dover-Foxcroft H.S.

The field of historical preservation, as well as the activities of most of the states many historical societies seems to die off during the winter months here in Maine. But just because there isn’t any visible action, it doesn’t mean these folks are relaxing down in Miami. The Bangor Daily News’ Diana Bowley reports that Dover-Foxcroft seeks plan for reuse of Central Hall
according to the article, a summary of D-F’s last town meeting, the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society will study the proposed reuse of Central Hall and report back to the board by March 22, 2010. Apparently the hall has been used as a food pantry since last December, and now the town wants a plan for the re-use of the hall, or whether it will be sold off on the real estate market.

The article says; Chris Maas of the historical society told selectmen Monday that a working group had met once to discuss a mission statement on what to do with the building and how to keep it going. While the group would seek and study proposals for the reuse of Central Hall, it also would seek partnerships and fundraising possibilities that would allow the society to keep it historically useful. The charge would be to return to the board in March and have two options: a way to save the building or to get it on the market, Maas said.

It would be nice if more people would take an interest in these local societies, and try to support them both with time, as well as donations. It takes a lot of cash to keep these old buildings up and running, even more so in the winter when the usage is down. In part, I feel as though the communities themselves should do more towards promoting the historical aspects of their respective communities, and in that way drive more interest in these projects.

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