Welcome to Maine, and to Touring Maine’s History, as well. Over the last few month’s you’ve seen news and events posted here as often as I could gather them up for you. Some of these articles and event listings have been contributed by readers, but most have come from many of Maine’s fine newspapers or other sources. From time to time I have also shared news from away as well. If you are a new visitor and are interested in Maine history, you’ll want to bookmark this page.

I’ve lots of things planned for this site, and with God’s grace I will be able to accomplish my goals. For those of you not aware of what I am doing here, it’s a pretty simple plan. That plan is to simply share the history of Maine, and concentrate on the historical societies and preservation groups and museums that all work towards that same goal. As the summer months roll by you’ll be seeing more in the way of articles and sometimes videos of these places that you can visit, my eventual goal is to produce a regular periodical style webpage for your enjoyment, and education.

Today, as we soar through the annual start of the tourist season here in Maine, with Memorial Day being celebrated tomorrow, folks are beginning to air out their local historical society chambers, dust the museums and shine their artifacts. As you travel around Maine, keep an eye out for these society buildings and pay them a visit. You’ll be surprised about what you can learn about Maine. We’ve a rich history dating back to the early 1600’s. in fact, we can go back even further as there were European settlers plying the waters of the Gulf of Maine as they harvested fish, and even before then by way of our Native populations.

If you are a regular Mainer, and a member or director of one of these fabulous societies or groups dedicated to history, drop me a note if you’d like to share as well. I have already started doing interviews for some groups and will be scheduling more. So if you want to be a highlight in history, please let me know. Also, if you have some news to share, or a schedule of events, please feel free to send your articles and calendar notes.

I’ll also be doing some videos of some of Maine’s historical landmarks that you can view here as well from time to time.

If you’d like to touch base with me, please email me at dlsoucy@dlsoucypublisher.com. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. And again, welcome to Touring Maine’s History, and I hope we’ll be frequent visitors with each other. D.L. Soucy


Reid State Park;

Reid State Park became Maine’s first salt water park in 1946 when Walter E. Reid donated land in Georgetown to the state of Maine with the intent that it be forever preserved. Over the years the park grew into the attraction it is today, with thousands of visitors flocking there to enjoy its two sandy beaches and its scenic beauty. The sandy beaches, the Mile and the Half Mile, are exceptional for Maine’s coast line and contain rarely seen sand dunes.

In the spring time Piping Plovers and Least Terns use the beaches as nesting and breeding areas, while numerous other species of birds frequent the area. On the landward side of the park you’ll find a tidal river and salt water marshes teeming with various species of the local flora and fauna. Also to be had is a small salt water lagoon. From one of the high heads along the beach you can spot (on a clear day) many of the areas islands. Damariscove was once a valuable fishing community in the 1600,s.

You can also see Outer Head and Southport Islands. Seguin Island boasts a lighthouse. Also within viewing distance are the Cuckolds and Hendricks Head Islands. The Beaches and trails are treats in themselves. At low tide you can see tons of periwinkle shells and barnacles on the exposed rocks. Two buildings, one at each beach house a fresh water shower and toilet facility as well as snack bars for your convenience. If you’re into the views, Griffiths Head is a stupendous site.

The Park is open year round, and if you want more information, you can phone the park office at (207) 371-2303. There is a charge for admission. Touring Maine’s History is a multimedia production highlighting Maine’s heritage. We will be producing books and video material for educational and entertainment purposes from around Maine. Keep checking back for presentations of our many museums and historical sites, as well as events and destinations you can visit around the state of Maine. For more information, check out our new site at http://www.touringmaineshistory.blogspot.com or http://www.remembermemedia.com. Thanks for your time, and enjoy the show. The music for this piece is; Hut On Staffin Island/Sandy MacCleod of Garafad/The Soft Horse reel By Relativity.

All photography by D.L. Soucy © 2008 All rights reserved

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