Maine History News…

This week’s show will be at 9:00 AM Tuesday the 24th. We will share the usual news and history tidbits as well as the Maine topic, the nation’s first capitol conviction trial, held in 1790 right here in Falmouth, now Portland, Maine.

You can listen to the show live at at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, February 24th.

Remember, if you have any announcements, events or news releases you’d like to share, please email them to me at

Next week, the show will begin to air in a Monday night slot, and I think that may become the usual time for the show, if all works out. See you on the net with Touring Maine’s History!

American Revolution ‘Loyalism’ Series Offered at Hutchinson Center

Belfast – The University of Maine’s Department of History and Canadian-American Center are presenting a series of public lectures and teacher workshops on the American Revolution to draw attention to and provide Maine teachers with educational material about the American Revolution, loyalism and Maine. The Hutchinson Center in Belfast is pleased to partner in offering the series by hosting the lecture on March 12 as well as the teacher workshop on March 13th. Read more here….

Peeling into Maine’s past

Mike Hicks was ripping off old wallpaper at a Winthrop apartment building he owns in early January when he began to suspect he’d find something interesting. Under the wallpaper he found some plywood affixed to the wall. The wall was in pretty good shape, so what was the plywood for? When Hicks pried the plywood from the wall, he found two colorful and highly detailed murals, which he later learned were probably more than 170 years old….Read more here

Gardiner theater wins restoration grants from state

GARDINER — Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center recently received three $10,000 grants to restore the east wall of the historic downtown building. Judy Lloyd, executive director, said the work involves removal of a ramp built in the 1970s and the repair, restoration and repointing of the brick-and-mortar wall facing the Johnson Hall minipark. The project is made possible in part by a matching grant from the the Maine State Cultural Affairs Council’s New Century Program, a statewide cultural initiative funded by the people of Maine; and grants from the Maine Community Foundation’s Belvedere Fund Historic Preservation Grants Program… Read more here

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