Maine History News for February 17th

Today’s radio show will be at 9:00 am and be 1.5 hours long. We’ll be talking about Maine history news and some events, properties on historic preservation and the Malta War. We’ll also talk a little bit about how your own local historical society can share and grow local history.

St. John Valley man gives videos to local archives

FORT KENT- There’s a reason folks in this town affectionately refer to the local access cable station as “The Marc Chasse Channel.”

For a quarter-century the retired chiropractor has been a fixture at every major St. John Valley event, camera in hand, in addition to conducting hundreds of personal interviews capturing the area’s history, culture and people on videotape…………..

Maritime museum has water problems

BATH — The Maine Maritime Museum will embark on a repair job this spring in an effort to fix leaky brick walls that threaten the long-term health of the building and the museum’s collection of maritime artifacts.

Although the Maritime History Building along the Kennebec River on the Bath waterfront is only 20 years old, it is plagued by water penetration caused in part by inadequate design and construction problems, said Bill Haggett, chairman of the museum’s board of trustees.

Tribe member seeks separate Veterans Day

American Indians from Maine have served in every war since the American Revolution, according to decorated World War II veteran Charles Shay of Indian Island, and it is time they were honored for their heroism and patriotism.

(Contact your local representatives and tell them to support this action. They deserve the recognition!)

There are lots of birthdays going on, and Oregon is celebrating its 150th. Here’s a story from the Lane County Historical Society…..

Historic homes cost money to operate, and Maine is not alone with its troubles. Here’s a story from San Diego…..

See you at the show, and remember, support your local historical society!

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