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Fort Kent man’s videos chronicle life in St. John Valley

FORT KENT- There’s a reason folks in this town affectionately refer to the local access cable station as “The Marc Chasse Channel.”

For a quarter century the retired chiropractor has been a fixture at every major St. John Valley event, camera in hand, in addition to conducting hundreds of personal interviews capturing the area’s history, culture and people on videotape.

In recognition of the historical importance of those recordings, the Acadian Archives at the University of Maine at Fort Kent has accepted 150 individual videotapes into its public collection………….

Gear heads, antique lovers brave cold for Transportation Museum’s WinterFest

OWLS HEAD- Below-freezing temperatures and wind whipping across the airfield made for perfect weather at the Owls Head Transportation Museum’s annual Winter Fest.

Saturday’s crowd was bundled up for the elements and spent the day gawking at the team of draft horses giving wagon rides, the Model T snowmobile, antique snow sleds, plows and snow blowers, sleighs, ice boats, toboggans and a team of Siberian husky sled dogs. There also were films and slide shows in the warmer comfort of the museum………

9 Maine properties on National Register

AUGUSTA, Maine — Nine properties in Maine have been entered in the National Register of Historic Places, according to Earle G. Shettleworth Jr., director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission whose staff prepared the nominations. This designation indicates that the property has been documented, evaluated and considered worthy of preservation and protection as part of the nation’s cultural heritage……

Lincoln Bicentennial celebration at the 1847 Boothbay town hall features acclaimed biographer Fred Kaplan

You might think it was 1860, and not 2009, when you attend the Lincoln’s Bicentennial Birthday event on President’s Day at the Old 1847 Boothbay Town Hall at the Boothbay Railway Village, given all the talk about the election of 1860, the period food and period music you will encounter! But the spirit of Lincoln is actually much alive today, perhaps more so than at any time in well over a century. In fact, newly elected President Barack Obama was photographed weeks before the Inauguration walking with a copy of a biography of Lincoln under his arm. Which biography? None other than “Lincoln: the Biography of a Writer” by Boothbay resident Fred Kaplan…………

Raffle for $10,000 to support the Damariscotta Mills fish ladder restoration

The schools of alewives that come to Damariscotta Mills each spring to climb the historic fish ladder touch the lives of all who see them. Some people just like to see the multitudes of fish up close. They are a sign of spring and they show us the power of nature. Lobstermen count on alewives as a source of fresh bait as they set out their gear after a winter of other pursuits. Then, there are those who come to Damariscotta Mills to photograph the birds — the eagles, osprey, loons and gulls that can be seen at close range as they dive for fish to feed themselves and their young. Whatever reason brings people to Damariscotta Mills, the sight of so many alewives struggling up the fish ladder to spawn is inspiring — a sign of life and hope………..

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