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State may buy prehistoric site

DRESDEN- The state of Maine is negotiating to buy land in Dresden considered to be the most significant prehistoric site in the state. The negotiations follow an appraisal which an official confirmed was close to $500,000 for 14.7 acres …….. According to archaeologists, the site was a campground 7,000 years ago for Native Americans returning north after the Ice Age. Studies of the site have altered experts’ understanding of how Maine was repopulated. Rather than small groups traveling quickly northeast, evidence at the Dresden site suggests that a large, organized group lived at the campground seasonally………

Lighthouse Digest Secures Greek Lighthouse Uniform for Museum

Lighthouse Digest, a world-wide lighthouse news and history magazine based in Whiting, Maine, recently secured an authentic Hellenic “Greek” Lighthouse Service uniform for the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland. Tim Harrison, editor and publisher of Lighthouse Digest, said the uniform was worn by Nikolaos Pergioudakis, while he was director of the electronic department, which is responsible for maintenance of the Greek Lighthouse Network, which is an independent agency under the Hellenic “Greek” Navy of Greece, which is a nation in southeastern Europe………….

It’s Home Sweet Museum in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.- Hopes are high in some circles that the Obama presidency will return some luster to Washington’s image as a glittering cultural and social whirl..…… Most of those palatial buildings along Massachusetts Avenue or clinging to the hillsides of Rock Creek Park were built not as embassies but as homes for the country’s wealthy and well-born, who came to town for at least part of the year (usually January for the opening of Congress) to rub shoulders with the political elite. Then there were the folks who lived there full time, serving in the government or diplomatic corps, and others drawn to the city by its heady mix of culture and power. With them came the trappings of a refined life — important art collections, libraries and fine furnishings — all neatly installed in their showplace homes………


ELIOT, Maine — The Eliot Historical Society will meet on Feb. 2, 7 p.m., at the John F. Hill Grange, State Road. Admission is free and all are welcome. Monday’s meeting will feature Ken Gilson, who will present valentines from the early days of the 20th century. For further information, call 207-748-0889 or 207-748-0040.

ELIOT, Maine — The History Book Group of Eliot and Kittery will meet on Monday, Feb. 9, 4-6 p.m. at the William Fogg Library in Eliot. Participants may read fiction or nonfiction covering the post-World War I era. The group’s meetings alternate between the William Fogg Library and the Rice Public Library in Kittery. New members are always welcome. For further information, call the Fogg Library at 207-439-9437.

KITTERY, Maine — The Feb. 10 meeting of the Kittery Historical and Naval Society will feature Marcia Kennedy who will take guests on a visual tour of the Isles of Shoals. Her presentation will highlight the historic sites and landmarks that present the unique story of many hearty souls who called this rocky outcropping home years before settling on the mainland. More recent inhabitants also provide an equally interesting story. The society meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the Lions Club building on State Road starting at 7 P. M. The public is always welcome and invited to attend. For more information, contact: Kittery Historical and Naval Society, P. O. Box 453, Kittery, Maine 03904, Tel. 207- 439-3080 or Barbara Estes, Program Chair, 7 Rice Avenue, Kittery, Maine 03904, Tel. 207-439-1332.

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