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Relic hunters…be on the lookout for this stolen cannonball….

For those of us who prefer to cling to the dinosaur way of life, say goodbye to the VHS format. Or maybe not. VHS may be going into extinction, but the same was said of the Vinyl format in the recording industry. Vinyl is in fact making a slow comeback, so maybe you’ll want to hang onto all those movies after all?

Well. The nightmare we retailers call the “Christmas shopping season” is over, and I can get back to reading and sharing news again. As usual, click on the headlines to read the full articles at the source. And if any of you readers are members or directors of any Maine historical or preservation society, please feel free to send along any news and announcements you’d like to share. I’ll post them here for you.

End of WWI overshadowed 1918 holidays

Christmas of 1918 was irretrievably intertwined with the final days and aftermath of World War I. The Armistice had been signed a little over a month before. American troops were just beginning to trickle back to the United States from France. Casualty lists were still a daily staple in the Bangor Daily News in the days leading up to the Christmas holiday.

Canadian antiques dealer sentenced in border case

BANGOR, Maine — A Canadian antiques dealer charged with possession of the drug Ecstasy in Somerset County was sentenced Tuesday in U.S. District Court to time served, or 154 days in jail, for making a fraudulent statement to customs officials when he crossed the border on May 7 at Houlton.

Fire guts historic house in central Maine

A historic house in Hallowell has been gutted by a fire that injured five people, including three firefighters.
The Tuesday morning fire destroyed a building once known as the Abbott House.


Two people were taken to hospitals after historic home was engulfed in flames Tuesday morning.
The Winthrop Street home, a white double-chimney structure in Hallowell’s historic district, was destroyed by a fire that raged for at least an hour after it was reported before 10:30 a.m. Firefighters were extinguishing flames and embers into the afternoon.

UMaine map retraces explorer’s steps

From 1603 to 1616, French explorer Samuel Champlain traveled throughout the St. Lawrence River valley in search of the elusive Northwest Passage.
Now, to commemorate the 400th anniversaries of Champlain’s founding of QuDebec and naming of Lake Champlain, the Canadian American Center at the University of Maine is releasing a narrative map retracing the famed cartographer’s steps.

Camden Is Getting Ready
(Camden Herald editorial, 1935)

Camden is fast getting ready for the coming of Santa Claus with his merry, rollicking, jingling of sleigh bells, at which time he will go prancing into our homes to fill the stockings of our boys and girls and perhaps such other hose and half-hose as may grace the chimney place.

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