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Crofoot gives voice to Bayside cottages
BELFAST (Aug 22): The Belfast Free Library will host a slide presentation and talk given by Beverly Crofoot, editor of “If These Cottages Could Talk: A History of Bayside in Northport, Maine,” at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 26.
One of the stories Chace Jackson likes to tell about his fellow Allagash residents is the one about the day that Clark McBreairte walked on water. “Clark’s 88 years old now, but in his youth, he was very athletic. He worked on the river, driving logs, and no one could handle his footing better than Clark,” said Jackson, a 17-year-old senior at Fort Kent Community High School. “One day a bateau was pulled up along the shore, and the rope broke. It drifted down the river into a section with really bad rapids, so Clark started running over the logs, jumping onto each one, chasing after it.”

Fort McClary a playground for history

KITTERY — It’s almost impossible to stop at Fort McClary at the mouth of the Piscataqua River for just an hour.
Have plans in bustling southern Maine? Heading to the beach? Be warned.
This well-used fortress, which was used to protect the approach to the Piscataqua through several wars, is scenic, well preserved and rife with mood.
“There is so much around here — the shopping, the beaches — people miss it,” said Steve Woodman, president of the Friends of Fort McClary.

Blockhouse pieced together after flood
WINSLOW – Last spring, when it looked as if the floodwater might overtake the Fort Kent blockhouse in Aroostook County, Tom Desjardin watched, waited and worried. “The water was up to the bottom wall, up over the stone foundation,” he recalled.Desjardin was worried there might be a repeat of 1987, when swirling water lifted and dismantled Fort Halifax, the oldest blockhouse in the United States, and carried it downriver. The National Historic Landmark had to be reassembled piece by piece.

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