Fort Popham: a Civil War stronghold

PHIPPSBURG — On the first day of her summer vacation this year, Carole Harris of Auburn visited her youth.
She and her husband, Andrew, packed up their Subaru Forester and drove to Phippsburg to frolic at Fort Popham.
Harris’ father used to bring the family there when she was a youngster in the 1960s. They would pack their Airsteam trailer and spend two weeks at a nearby campground.
Her father would return to Auburn to work, leaving the family free to explore the beach, the fort and all the wonders of the Popham peninsula.
AUBURN, Maine – A bell housed in the tower of an old church on an Auburn lot has a connection to Paul Revere’s brass and bronze foundry in Boston.
Rudy Wing purchased the South Baptist Church property four years ago with plans to start a golf school.
After the purchase, Wing took a closer look around the church and climbed a series of ladders to its bell tower. Wing noticed markings on the bell which showed it was produced by Henry N. Hooper and Co. of Boston in 1845.
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