Time travel with 19th century schooner cruise

Aboard the Grace Bailey — This ship’s role as a living museum – a moving monument to maritime history – didn’t fully sink in until we sailed into a sinister-looking New England fog and the first mate handed me a conch shell.
Stand at the bow and blow, she said. “One long tone, two short. Then listen.”
With no radar and no motor, apparently, the only thing between us and a crushing, watery death under the front end of a fog-blinded freighter – or a crippling head-on with one of the dozens of neighboring sailboats – was the empty shell of a sea snail.

Old Rail Station Gets Revamped

BROOKS ( — The Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad is a 140 year-old piece of Maine’s history. But when the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Preservation Society started selling the railroad and all its equipment — many feared it would be the end of the line. But a group in Brooks is working toward restoring and preserving one piece of the railroad.
Joe Feero’s grandfather worked on this railroad many years ago. Feero grew up listening to stories about the railroad — and it’s given him an appreciation for its history.
Feero remarked, “I didn’t want

Rewriting History….

Today’s Almanac…

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