The Roseway is a two-masted, 137-foot Grand Banks fishing schooner built in 1925 in Essex, Mass.It is one of only three “Grand Banks Schooners” still in existence. The boat was designed for racing as much as for fishing. The early part of the last century was a period of intense competition — with national pride at stake — between United States and Canadian fishing schooners.
MILLINOCKET, Maine – When he first joined the Millinocket Historical Society, David Duplisea had no idea that his membership would lead to his becoming a published author, but the book he produced would be perfectly at home at the Boom House museum.
At 128 pages, “Millinocket: Images of America” is filled with gorgeous black-and-white photographs of Millinocket and captioned with lengthy descriptions written by Duplisea that relate the town’s history in an earnest, often fascinating way.
History can be epic, encompassing centuries and sweeping across continents — rich material for textbooks and academic research.
But it can also be the not-so-groundbreaking family stories handed down from generation to generation, tidbits passed on by word of mouth or uncovered in a cache of old photographs tucked away in a barn.
It can even be the story of a four-mile-long stretch of road connecting two rural Maine towns.
The era of keepers tending to the light in lighthouses may have passed into history, but that doesn’t mean that those who kept a watch over their light and mariners upon the sea have totally gone away. One might say, you can take the keeper out of a lighthouse but you cannot take the lighthouse out of the keeper.Two former lighthouse keepers now ‘stand watch’ at the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland, volunteering their time and sharing their experiences in an effort to help teach the visitors about our nation’s rich lighthouse heritage.
Portrait Collection Due For Shake Out

Arba Eugene Powers of Houlton, who apparently didn’t do much in life to deserve having his portrait hung in the Statehouse, is about to finally make history.His picture will be the first one ever to be taken down and given to someone else to take care of and his passing has renewed an old debate about whether more relevant portraits and more women should be hung in the Statehouse halls.Legislative leaders were told last week that Powers is going to a better place — the Houlton Historical Society.

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New York’s Canal’s…

Heston’s “Commandment” Tablets sold at auction…

Today’s Almanac…

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