Today’s Almanac July 24th…

Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail Festivities Take First Step July 24

GREENVILLE – Festivities to celebrate the first anniversary of the Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail will be held in Greenville beginning July 24.

Mainers and visitors from across the region are expected to gather to honor Henry David Thoreau and the Penobscot guides who made two of his three explorations in Maine possible.

The official opening of the trail last July beside Moosehead Lake marked the 150th anniversary of Thoreau’s third and final trip into Maine’s North Woods in 1857. This July’s events will build on last year’s programs by exploring further how Thoreau’s ideas about nature and conservation were shaped through observation and from the Penobscots’ philosophy imparted by his guides Joe Polis and Joe Attean.

Historian Walter MacDougall will kick off festivities on July 24 with a talk on “Thoreau, the Man,” at 7 p.m at The Community House.

From sea captain’s home to Maine governor’s abode

The history-laden city of Augusta is getting ready to celebrate the 175th anniversary of one of this state’s most treasured historical sites.

Thirteen years after Maine became a state in 1820, three years after James G. Blaine was born in Pennsylvania in 1830 and one year after construction of the Statehouse was completed in 1832, a retired ship captain named James Hall built the mansion that would eventually become the official home of Maine governors.

A sea captain who made his home 45 miles from the ocean? Well, yes. Back then, Augusta was regarded as a “coastal community” because it is situated at the head of tide in the Kennebec River.

Postcards from the edge of New England

Jim Benson would see an interesting postcard, and pick it up. “Like any other hobby, it just grows on you,” the West Bridgewater resident said. In the last 15 years, Benson has amassed several hundred postcards, which he stores in loose-leaf binders with plastic sleeves. Many of the cards are from towns along United States Route 201, or Old Canada Road, which begins in Solon, Maine and ends at the Canadian border.

Amelie Earhart Museum…

Saratoga Auto Museum…

15,000 expected to attend Louisburg’s re-enactment of its final siege…

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