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Linking past and present

SCARBOROUGH — The town’s 350th anniversary commemorative gold coins were going quickly Saturday afternoon. But few were more excited to pick one up than Sumner Hunnewell, a descendant of Scarborough historical figure Richard Hunnewell.
The coin bears a sketch of the Hunnewell House, a historical site in Scarborough that is believed to be the oldest structure in Cumberland County. Richard Hunnewell fought in battles between English settlers and the local Abenaki tribe, and was killed in 1703 and buried next to what is now known as Massacre Pond.
The Portland Freedom Trail celebrated its one-year anniversary Saturday with the dedication of three granite markers at significant anti-slavery and underground railroad sites.
Portland’s first 13 granite markers went up in various locations in the Old Port and Munjoy Hill last summer. The marked sites are intended to help tell the story of the underground railroad and the abolitionist movement in Maine.
SEARSPORT (July 12): The Penobscot Marine Museum is constantly looking for examples of artifacts that allow it to preserve the past, and make vibrant connections between the past and the present.
Moody’s Tower, Portland aka Portland Observatory . Ever wonder about that unusual looking tower in Portland that you can see from many vantage points in the eastern section of the city? My memories of going there on a family outing as kid only dredge up our afternoon bickering with my brother, so the historic significance of the place never sunk in as much as my mother tried.

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